What Others Say About TEP Law

TEP law and Probate Florida Estate

“When our father died, my two brothers and I lived in different state other than Florida. We didn’t know where to begin, but TEP Law Firm walked us through the process from beginning to end and we were most pleased.”

“Our mother did not have a will, but TEP Law Firm administered the intestate probate process with skill and compassion. Assets were distributed as our mother would have wanted.”

“My grandmother died, and I didn’t know where to go for legal help. She had a will that provided for the college education for me. Otherwise, I could not have afforded to attend college. TEP Law Firm marshaled the assets, probated the estate and I received the money just before the beginning of my first semester. So thankful for my college education.”

“Our parents died within a week of each other. We lived out of state and didn’t know where to begin. There were seven of us. Our parents wanted all they had to be divided equally between all of us and we all agreed. The problem was that unlike bank accounts and stock portfolios, their assets consisted of an art collection, a coin collection and a lot of real estate. TEP Law Firm helped us to liquidate all the assets for top dollar which provided for equal distribution. We are forever grateful.”

“When my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly, I went to TEP Law Firm crying because I had lost the love of my life and because I didn’t know where to begin. TEP Law Firm and their compassionate staff helped me both legally, spiritually and emotionally. They are Biblically based law firm.”